Ane Olén Håland

Clinical Psychologist and Researcher

During her bachelor’s in psychology at erasmus university rotterdam, ane founded the psychedelic science collective -an extracurricular initiative providing an environment where students and researchers could learn about and discuss research into psychedelic substances. During her master’s in clinical psychology at the University of Southern Denmark she practiced as a psychologist-trainee at a ketamine treatment clinic in Oslo, where she now resides. She will soon start working as a clinical psychologist in the Norwegian public health care system. Under the supervision of Associate Prof. Michiel van Elk and in collaboration with Prof. Leron Shultz and Josephine Marschall (PhD cand.), Ane is currently conducting a two-part qualitative study exploring the nature of psychedelic-induced metaphysical belief alterations, and is engaged in another study under van Elk investigating neurocognitive changes induced by attending a psilocybin retreat (i.e. Synthesis Retreat) in collaboration with Luisa Prochazkova (PhD) and Huseyin Beykoylu (PhD cand.).




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