Effect of Psychedelics on Core Beliefs -Online Survey Study

Psychedelics can improve mental health… but how does this happen?

The main goal of this study is to explore whether the psychedelic experience can influence a person’s core beliefs about the world, oneself, and one’s relationship with others. If this is the case, our secondary goal is to investigate whether a person’s mental-emotional reactions to their environment and to the psychedelic experience play a role in this change of core beliefs. Next to these aims, we explore the influence of the retreat setting and the nature of the psychedelic experience.

Do you want to help us find out?

During this study, we ask you to complete surveys online at 3 different time-points:

You can join this study if:

  • You are an adult: 18+
  • You will attend a psychedelic ceremony.
  • This ceremony will take place in two weeks from now, or later. It is important that you have at least two weeks between Survey 1 and the Ceremony because some survey questions can be triggering and we don’t want them to influence your experience.
  • You can read and write in English.
  • You are not receiving schema therapy at a mental health clinic.
  • You have not had a psychedelic experience in the last 3 months.

Are you still interested?

Please read the INFORMATION LETTER and contact us!

Phone: 0627377586

Email: psychedelicresearch.leiden@gmail.com

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