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Absorption captures a proclivity for having PRSM-like experiences. Key aspects seem to be vivid mental imagery, openness to experiences and altered reality monitoring.

Making what must be imagined real

Some people seem to have a ‘talent’ for PRSM experiences: they frequently sense the presence of supernatural entities, receive special messages from God, and report intense feelings of self-transcendence, awe, and wonder. The personality trait of ‘absorption’ seems to capture this general proclivity. Participants scoring high on the Tellegen Absorption Scale—a questionnaire originally developed to measure hypnotic responsiveness—report vivid experiences of hearing God’s voice during prayer, intense mystical experiences in response to psychedelics or placebo brain-stimulation, and strong feelings of self-transcendence when confronted with natural beauty or music.  

Our review paper on absorption & spiritual experience can be found here.

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